About Us

The Hills Drama School Incorporated is a Not For Profit Organisation and was founded by Aaron Scully in 2012.

Aaron's acting experience encompases diverse roles across film,  theatre and television and all the skills he has learnt are passed onto  his students.

Attending The Hills Drama School is a fantastic opportunity for  students to learn and develop performance skills that will increase  their confidence, creativity and imagination.

All of the classes and workshops will cover improvisation games &  exercises , voice & movement development, script study, acting for  stage & camera, group activities and performance presentation.

It's also fun and a great way to meet new people!


Where are the classes held?

MONDAY'S at Glenhaven Community Centre, 

TUESDAY'S at Glenhaven Community Centre, (Advanced Students)

WEDNESDAY'S at VIllage Green Community Centre (Bella Vista), 

FRIDAY'S at Wright Road Community Centre (Kellyville), 

What day do the classes run?

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons in conjunction with NSW school terms.

How long does each class go for?

Children class runs for 1 hour, 

Teen class for 1.5 hour. 

Advanced Children/Teens for 2 hours.

Adult classes run for 2 hours.

How much do the classes cost?

Children class cost $160, 

Teen classes cost $175 for a term. 

Advanced Children/Teen class cost $200 for a term

Adult classes cost $300 for a term.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. Family's with more than one child receives a 25% discount after the first student.

How do I enrol?

It’s easy!  Fill out our enrolment form by clicking on the button below.

What should I wear to class?

It's important to wear clothes that you are comfortable in and don't restrict you're movement.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for cancellations received after the start of the term.

Does the school have public liability insurance?

Yes. The Hills Drama School is covered for up to $10Million for Public Liability Insurance

Do the teachers have the required "Working with Children" certificate?

Yes. All of our teachers have a working with children certificate. They can be viewed by clicking on the button below.