About Us

The Hills Drama School Incorporated is a Not For Profit Organisation and was founded by Aaron Scully in 2012.
Aaron's acting experience encompases diverse roles across film, theatre and television and all the skills he has learnt are passed onto his students.

Attending The Hills Drama School is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn and develop performance skills that will increase their confidence, creativity and imagination.

All of the classes and workshops will cover improvisation games & exercises , voice & movement development, script study, acting for stage & camera, group activities and performance presentation.

It's also fun and a great way to meet new people!

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Why Choose Us?

  • 1.
    Where are the classes held?

    MONDAY'S at Glenhaven Community Centre, WEDNESDAY'S at Rouse Hill Community Centre, FRIDAY'S at Wright Road Community Centre (Kellyville), SATURDAY'S at Turner Building  (92 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills)

  • 2.
    What day do the classes run?

    Mondays, Wednesday & Friday's afternoons (& Saturday mornings) in conjunction with NSW school terms.

  • 3.
    How long does each class go for?

    Children class runs for 1 hour, Teen class for 1.5 hour. Adult classes run for 2 hrs.

  • 4.
    How much do the classes cost?

    Children class cost $160, Teen classes cost $175 for a term. Adult classes cost $300 for a term.

  • 5.
    Are there any discounts?

    Yes. Family's with more than one child receives a 25% discount after the first student.

  • 6.
    Can I try a free class first?

    You bet! The first lesson is free. Email us to book in.  Or simply turn up a few fifteen minutes before your class begins.



"The smartest move I’ve made recently has been to work with Aaron to help me improve my public speaking and sales skills. Aaron has a very deep bag of tricks, and has shown me more secret ways to access charisma and persuasion than I ever knew existed. Each face to face session has improved my confidence, vibe, and connection with others. Thursday night acting is my favorite time of the week. I appreciate the easy techniques that Aaron uses to release his students from their everyday clay into more engaging version of themselves.

Although I am still a work in progress, Aaron has already helped me to find my voice, and project it and my ideas to my audiences. He does voice coaching, body language, and interplay exercises. They echo through the rest of my week when I am called upon to lead groups or give presentations. Thank you Aaron. It’s been fabulous! You have exceeded any dreams I had when I started whilst also keeping the training very real and achievable."
Moya Martin - Project Manager

"I would definitely recommend the Adult drama course to anybody wanting to improve their self-confidence and self esteem. To not only learn about acting and drama skills in theatre and film, but get the chance to meet other people who want to have fun and learn at the same time!

There is a diverse range of acting activities, drama sport games and essential techniques that are taught in class. Personally, my motivation and interest in wanting to learn about acting and drama has increased by doing the course. I feel a lot more confident and have learnt a lot about myself by doing the course!"
Shaun Fedele - Life Talk Presenter

"I regularly attended private lessons with Aaron and I have to say that they were brilliant! I found the classes fun and engaging, the time just flew by and I was looking forward to every class!

Initially I wanted to improve my English pronunciation and gain confidence while speaking, but the classes turned out to be much more meaningful.

My one-on-one lessons were perfectly tailored to my speech problems and the scripts were so exciting that I totally forgot I had any speech problems at all.

I loved all the analogies, which perfectly clarified the workings of Acting, and I was also impressed with how readily Aaron upgrades and listens to what I would like from the class. Every class was of a high standard!

I'm much more confident in expressing myself and I have realised that acting is nothing but fun, fun and more fun!

I'll miss the classes, thank you!!"

Sylvia - Private student

"What a difference it has made enrolling Belle into drama. I just had her parent teacher interview and I couldn't be happier. Her teachers said she is more confident in attempting new tasks and participates and shares ideas in class which was something she never did before.

It's all thanks to The Hills Drama School. Aaron is a wonderful teacher, he's welcoming, patient, motivates the kids and encourages them to use their own ideas in their work. They have had so much fun this year playing games, role playing, making short films, doing stage performances and are now making movie trailers. I highly recommend it!"

Amanda McIntyre (Parent)